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If you are a lover of pirate movies, you will begin to have a clue on what we are about to say. You will also agree with us that one of the most important things that a pirate values is pirate rings. Some don’t know what these rings really means to them. But a pirate that respects himself must have his ring. That’s why we will be helping you to understand the use of a pirate ring in the following lines.

Pirate rings in the thumb finger

When we discuss on the use of private rings, we have to explain what it’s placement in each finger symbolizes. The first finger is the thumb. When a pirate ring is inserted in the thumb, that is to symbolize independent and positivity. So, the pirate ring, when inserted in the thumb, it’s used as an expression of freedom and that of positive thinking.

If you happen to have a pirate ring, you need to be watchful of the finger you place the ring on. If you want to voice out your independent to the world to see, the thumb finger should be the right position. This is a kind of code that can only be discerned by people in the domain.   

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Pirate rings in the second finger

Secondly, the next finger to the thumb is index finger. When a pirate put his pirate ring in the index finger, it is to symbolize authority. That is to say that it’s only the captain that has the right to put his ring in the index finger. Therefore, the index finger permit to identify a pirate captain. If you aren’t a captain, you should not place your ring in this finger.

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This pirate ring finger placement thing can sound irritating to you. Nevertheless, it’s a strong principle of a group of people known as pirates. When you place their ring without respecting the principle guiding this, you are desacralizing the pirate spirits. Far from us the ideal of scaring you. You just need to know the importance of this fact.

Pirate rings in the third finger

As we all know, the middle finger is the tallest of the fingers. So, having to insert a pirate ring in the middle finger is a sign of power. In other words, the one who has a pirate ring in his middle finger is a man of power.

Pirate rings in the ring finger

We know the fourth finger as the ring finger because it’s the finger that bears weeding ring. But to the pirates, the ring finger is the finger of love, passion and compassion. So, when the pirate ring is placed in the fourth finger, it symbolizes love, passion and compassion.

Pirate rings in the fifth finger

The fifth finger is the little finger. It’s practically the smallest of the fingers. But this finger also has its role in the pirate ring. When inserted in the little finger, the pirate ring symbolizes emotions and intuition.


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