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Apart from the electrical energy that we have always known for many years, the solar energy makes its eruption in our universe. Indeed, this energy is an essential source of electricity. And it gives you the monopoly of the management of your electricity without being afraid of a billing. But its installation requires some important steps.

Determine the location of the solar panel

Before you can enjoy solar energy, you must first install the solar panels. Installing the panels requires defining the ideal location for the panels. And the location is usually on the roof of your house. But to avoid the problems of solar energy malfunction, you need to detail the location of the solar panel.

Equip yourself with a protective glove to meticulously prepare the place where to place the photovoltaic panels. You will only have to remove the tiles slightly so as not to damage your roof. That’s why it is advisable to use a professional solar panel installer.

The use of protective gloves will help you avoid injury in the process of removing the roof. Also, avoid walking in the middle of the battens or on the under-roof screen. The installation of photovoltaic solar panels differs from that of thermal solar panels.

Roof overhangs

Secondly, to install the photovoltaic panels on your roof, make sure to install the roof sheathing. This step consists in fixing the screws on the battens. These screws are used to attach the hooks to hold the panels.

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In order to properly install your photovoltaic panels, the sheathing must also be properly positioned. If the panels are not well positioned, the production of electricity will be poor. That’s why this step is not to be taken lightly.

Installing a waterproofing system

The installation of a waterproofing system allows to build a waterproof barrier against water. The purpose of this system is to avoid mold and mildew on the panels. This being the case, to have a durable installation of photovoltaic panels, equip yourself with a waterproofing system.

This system also serves as a location for your solar panels. And with a positioning such as the one offered by the sealing system, the sunlight could well reach your photovoltaics. Nevertheless, make sure that the system is rigidly seated so that it can be used as battens.

The rails and panels

Once you have successfully completed the positioning of the waterproofing system, you can now proceed to the next step. And it consists in installing the rails. Speaking of the rails, note that you must secure them to the rafters. That’s why you should use the right screws when you install the sheathing.

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